domingo, mayo 22, 2005

Conocer a las personas es fácil...

Grant Gee es un director de videos y documentales que realizó junto a la banda Radiohead el documental "Meeting people is easy". Este particular manifiesto aparece en la carátula del DVD y a mi entender expone una actitud muy positiva ante las complejas relaciones humanas.


If you have been rejected
many times in your life, then
one more rejection isn't going
to make much difference. If
you're rejected, don't
automatically assume it's
your fault. The other person
may have several reasons for
not doing what your are
asking her or him to do: none of it
may have anything to do with
you. Perhaps the person is
busy or not feeling well or
genuinely not interested in
spending time with you.
Rejections are part of
everyday life. Don't let them
bother you. Keep reaching
out to others. Keep reaching
out to others. When you
begin to receive positive
responses, then you are on
the right track. It's all a
matter of numbers. Count
the positive responses and
forget about the rejections.

Grant Gee