viernes, junio 10, 2011

Apacigua tu mente.

Un monje, pidiendo instrucción, le dijo a Bodhidharma:
"No tengo nada de paz mental. Por favor, apacigüe mi mente."
"Trae tu mente aquí al frente mío", replicó Bodhidharma, "y yo te lo apaciguaré!"
"Pero cuando busco mi propia mente," dijo el monje, "no la puedo encontrar."
"Eso!", replicó energéticamente Bodhidharma, "he apaciguado tu mente!"

Frederick Wiseman

What do you say to someone before you start rolling film on them?
I say some version of this: “I’m going to make a documentary film. Nothing in the film will be staged. I want to be around for four to eight weeks. During that time, 80 to 110 hours of film will be shot. I don’t know what the themes of the film will be until I edit it. All I am doing now is collecting material. If anybody doesn’t want to be photographed, all they have to do is indicate that and there will be no debate about it. I discover the film in the course of the editing. The final film will be shown on PBS and distributed in different formats.”